Patient Dignity, Means Positive Mental Health

Sons, daughters, and relatives want peace of mind so that loved ones spirits stay high.

Thatís where you can really have an effect. Thatís where you can show the kind of care youíll be providing.

Not surprisingly, itís often the little things that can enhance low self esteem for positive mental health. Sticky Bibs will provide you with the tool that makes one part of daily routine better. Better for patients, Better for you. Sticky Bibs, and YOU, can provide real results of positive mental health that matters. Add Sticky Bibs to your plan of care, and youíll see a difference.

Sticky Bibs offer users a spectrum of options.

Sticky Bibs realizes the importance of providing help in most categories of care. From wheel chair dining, hospital bed care, table procedures, and general feeding - - together we help!

Dignity can affect mood, stress level and sense of well-being. For this reason, a person's experience when using a bib to remain clean, can provide emotional impact in different situations, each varying person to person.

Many people enjoy benefit of feeling dignified at the stages associated with their aging, they also appreciate feeling clean. Without your patients wearing a mess. you uplift their overall atmosphere, lifting mood.

So enhance your patientsí lifestyle. Upgrade their care with what youíre already providing. Give moral pride a boost. Especially for those patients who feel embarrassed wearing bibs. You can make that difference for them and itís so easy to do with Sticky Bibs.

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