Efficiency With Patients

No Accidental Nudges, No Interruptions.

Youíre better off with Sticky Bibs.

Why? Because unpredictable bib movement and shifting is in your way. Sticky Bibs holds all edges around the bib, securely to patient. You will not catch your arm or sleeve, knocking it ajar. Sticky Bibs can provide you with 100% secure edge protection, making your time with patients better.

Without the hassles of chains, bib clips, and the loose bibs & edges that your arms bump into, your freedom to perform reaches to a whole new level!

The unique thing about it, - it's easy for your patients to put on their own bib! When youíre ready for them, youíve already been saved procedure prep time!

Itís Simple to Update Your Current Practice!

Try our sample pack and see for yourself. Customization is available! Call for more information.

Sometimes youíll find that the most simple of products, is that which provides the greatest enhancement - to the most sophisticated fields of skill and service. Sticky Bibs is just that.

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