The Developers of Sticky Bibs...

and top engineers teamed up with several of the Nations busiest Moms, Dads, Babysitters, & Grandparents to get their opinions.

Over more years, the consultation continued with Dentists, Surgeons, Medical Providers, Restaurants,  and their Suppliers, -seasoned professionals within their fields to discover their concerns & demands. 

Those studies have allowed
Sticky Bibs to evolve as the Premier Disposable Bibs.

Sticky Bibs, Ltd., an industry developer and provider of professionally designed and unique products. "We’re especially committed to the development and manufacturing of cost effective products."
"But, the products must provide real value to end users or it's not a fit for us",  says Gary Hoerner of Sticky Bibs, Ltd.

Based in Columbus, Ohio and offices in Denver, Colorado, our goal is to maintain our leadership in providing sophisticated, innovative, and the premium high end products. “Top end products opposite of what so many companies are stepping down to because of costs”. 

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