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These bibs are exactly what I wanted! Easy to use on the go, easy clean up, and they keep my girl a little less messy. You have a great product!

We LOVE the bibs! WE would recommend it for everyone with a baby! Thanks.

Hello, We just love Sticky Bibs! Are you going to sell them in a higher qunatity / bigger package / economy size??? (more than 12 a package) We sure hope so!(12 isn't enough to get through the month!). Thanks.

I love your sticky bibs product and how it keeps my 16 mo. daughters shirts clean, however I find that her pants still get messy sometimes as she is still learning to feed herself. Do you have any plans to add a fold out pocket to catch the food that happens to fall? I think it would be a fabulous idea if you could do that. Either way I think your product is great! Thanks for reading my email

I like the bibs very much. They stick well and were able to catch wet food dribbling down my 6 month old son's neck and kept his shirt from getting diry.

I used this product on my granddaughter and they were simply amazing!! They are super easy to use. Just peel and stick with no mess. She spilled her juice and it didn't leak through to her clothes and she thought the animals on the bid were cute. The amazing thing about this product is that I just peeled it off her clothes and threw it away, simple, and it didn't leave any sticky stuff on her clothes. Every Mom... or Dad, should carry these in the diaper bag!! A must have and definitely worth 5.99!!

Perfect for expecting moms! My friends eyes just lit right up when she saw these, they're so cute and a great idea, and everyone else there loved them too!

Great Idea!

I really like the cartoon animals.

My friends on facebook really like ur sticky bibs!!
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