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Bib Stays Put.
• Wonít slip out of place like with using ordinary cloth or those other disposables.
• Clean ups are quick and easy, --Nothing to wash.
• Soft, Gentle, Absorbent, Reusable, & Disposable.
• Certified Lab Tested to insure product safety.
• Made in the USA , Supports American jobs.
• Convenient --makes life easiest on the go.

Plus, because itís Reusable, itís Cost Effective, -youíll save more than youíll spend using other bibs! That makes Sticky Bibs a wise choice.

So,,,Your clean up is zero, your hassles are gone, & your clothing wonít be ruined from future stains heading your way.

Thereís no fuss, no ties, no snaps. Thereís no flips, no fumbles, or mess the other bibs leave behind. And, You wonít be spending extra time in the laundry room!

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